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About Suzanne McLarnon

Owner and founder of Oilopia Organics, Suzanne McLarnon is a former register nurse turned Certified Aromatherapist, Formulator, Cannabis Health Coach and Yoga Instructor. As a Certified Aromatherapist, she is professionally trained in the safe therapeutic use of essential oils and carrier oils.

Suzanne has completed over 600 documented hours formal aromatherapy training, which includes the extensive knowledge of chemistry, drug interactions, safe usage guidelines, application methodology, case studies, written research, and high-risk individuals. In addition, she has over 30 years of nursing knowledge; a diverse career entailing many different branches of the nursing profession.

As a nurse she has seen and became very frustrated watching patients plagued by pharmaceutical drugs that did not offer any wellness, leading to many patient’s becoming addicted to opioids. Turning to research, she started looking for safe natural holistic alternatives for friends and family. She began to consume all the information she could find about essential oils, butters, and carrier oils. However, with so much conflicting information online and on social media, she decided the best way to learn would be to study aromatherapy professionally.

In 2015, Suzanne completed the Aromatherapy Certification, Anatomy and Physiology course and program taught by internationally acclaimed instructor Andrea Bujte at Aromahead Institute. The learning continues, in the years that followed she studied a variety of on-line courses from world renowned Aromatherapists, Doctors, Herbalists and Healers.

With the new and exciting legal world of cannabis, she began researching this amazing plant and has completed an intense 70hr scientific course on Cannabis research and Cannabis formulations to offer a wider range of pain relief remedies and cosmetic applications. Recently she enrolled in Aromahead’s Teacher Training Program so that she can share her love of aromatherapy with others. Classes coming soon!

Suzanne’s love of nature started at an early age, living on many military bases in Northern communities she was surround by the beauty of Canada’s landscapes. Influenced by her father’s love of nature and her mother’s love of flowers, especially lilac blossoms every spring. Gardening came naturally and soon she had her own garden to grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

Suzanne enjoys growing her own flowers to infuse oils for topical applications, she loves creating blends, and discovering unique oils from around the world. She is dedicated to learning, researching, meditation, and yoga, loves swimming and occasional golf. She is a die hard sports fan, loves leisure lunches with girlfriends, laughter, music, friends and family, and the sweetest grandson in the whole world.

Suzanne adheres to a strict code of ethics and is a professional member of the non-profit National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy. The NAHA is a governing body for natural educational standards for Aromatherapist.

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