Why Aromatherapist?

Why Should I Consult An Aromatherapist?

Aromatherapists understand how chemical components of essential oils work in the body to promote healing and have a deep knowledge of how to use them safely and effectively. Blending is based on scientific research to obtain an optimum therapeutic result.

How To Begin With?

To begin, complete a confidential intake form which i will receive in a private email. Once I have reviewed the form, we will have an opportunity to talk more about your issues and experiences with essential oils, aromas, and cannabis. We can communicate face to face, telephone conversations or via skype.

After filling in the confidential intake form, I use a holistic approach to meticulously design a blend specific for your health care needs, along with written instructions and information. I ask that you give me up to a week to complete. I use a variety tools to research scientific data and focus on the chemistry and safety of many essential oils in my formulation kit to specially craft your blend. If you have an acute issue and require help sooner, please email me directly and we can talk.

The blend can be picked up, if you live in London, Ontario, or mail directly to your home with shipping fees.

Consultation Fee

Cost of a consultation is $80.00 which includes your first blend. Your blend can be in the form of an inhaler, body butter, cream or lotion, a roller ball applicator, diffuser, bath salts and bath oils. Application methodology can be issue specific or personal preference.

Follow up for the same issue is $30.00 which does not include any additional blends.

I work mostly on a referral bases with a limited number of clients. However, there are generic tried and true blends for common issues that will be available through the online store (coming soon). I also enjoy trading for services in the community, just ask.

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