Aromatherapy & Wellness

Aromatherapy starts with the sense of smell; molecules enter the nose, the olfactory membrane located at the base of our nose, picks up information from receptors and sends that information directly to the brain, specifically the cerebral cortex and the limbic system. This enables the unique components of each essential oil to work in the areas of the brain responsible for memory, mood, thinking and processing.

Inhalation is the most often used to help improve mood, focus, memory or in cases where topical applications are not able to be used. A popular method is diffusing essential oils into the air, making any room smell delightful and therapeutic at the same time.

Methods of Topical Application

Essential oils can penetrate skin layers and be directly absorbed by the bloodstream, although the absorption rate of essential oils constituents varies based on the molecular size of individual essential oil molecules. Methods of topical application include:

  • Balms/ salves
  • Lotions
  • Creams
  • Bath salts
  • Massage oil blends

Topical essential oil blends are your answer if you experience joint pain, muscle pain, inflammation, and skin irritation. They are often used in massage to ease tension, relax muscles, and relieve stress. Some clients have found that the use of inhalation and topical application used in combination have a better therapeutic effect.

Research has shown that aromatherapy can help with the prevention of colds and flu, recover quicker if you do get sick, they can help to feel more energized, get a better night sleep, calm inflammation, ease pain, help feel more balanced, and help to sharpen mental clarity. Essential oils can be useful for cleaning around the house, eliminating toxic chemicals from home.

Note: It is important to understand how to use essential oils safely. Some are phototoxic and can seriously burn the skin. There are many safety considerations to be taken with infants, children, pregnancy, medically compromised clients and around pets.

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